Asian Redefined: New Voices in a New Era

The University of Pennsylvania Law School’s APALSA would like to invite you to partake in our 13th annual conference that celebrates the past, present, and future of Asian Americans in the legal profession and beyond. Last year, our theme of “Different Perspectives on the Asian American Experience” sought to engage the past and reflect on how far we have come, starting from when Asians were a rarity in American law schools to now, when an Asian American Supreme Court Justice is a realistic aspiration.

This year, with “Asian Redefined,” we look forward into the future with the intent to examine how the next wave of Asian Americans can help forge new paths and break new barriers for our burgeoning demographic. With the pioneering Honorable Pamela Chen, the first openly gay Asian American to serve on the federal bench, as our keynote speaker, we hope that you will join us in our pursuit of making our mark on the world as the next generation of Asian Americans.

Warmest regards,




Christopher J. Lee, Conference Chair