About Us

APALSA is the largest student-run organization at Penn Law.  As an academic, cultural, and social group, APALSA invests in the professional and personal development of its members. We also hope to make strong contributions to the Penn Law, APA, and larger legal communities.

Every year, APALSA’s conference in February attracts hundreds of law students from across the country.  It draws professors, lawyers, jurists, and entrepreneurs from the top of their fields to discuss issues of Asian America and the law.  To conclude the day’s events, the employer reception and dinner banquet allow Penn Law students and the nation’s top firms to cultivate new and lasting professional relationships.

The Asian American experience is a long and complicated, rich and nuanced narrative.  It is one of struggle, misunderstanding, and isolation, as well as triumph, pride, and community.  As a group, APALSA strives to shape Asian America in the legal field by preparing its members for well-rounded and successful legal careers.

Most importantly, APALSA welcomes any and all students with an interest in Asian American issues.

Here are some of the opportunities we provide:

  • Academic & Professional Support:
    • Outline Bank
    • APALSA Family Mentorship Program
    • Class and Professor-Specific Strategy Panels
    • 1L Exam Preparation Workshop
    • 1L Summer Job Workshop
    • Mock Practice Final Exam Session
    • Journal Competition & Bluebook Training Workshop
    • On-Campus-Interview Guidance Workshop
  • Cultural Awareness:
    • Speaker Panels (past guests include: Yul Kwon, Dean Frank H. Wu, David Lat, Tiancheng Wang, and Dr. Tamara Nopper)
    • Annual APALSA Conference (past speakers include: Judge Edmond Chang, James C. Ho, Karen Narasaki, and Brigadier General Coral Wong Pietsch)
  • Social Events:
    • Beginning & End of the Year Banquets
    • APALSA Family Pot Lucks
    • General Body Meetings
    • 1L Board Game Night
    • Philadelphia Law Schools & Penn Graduate Schools Mixers
    • 1Ls vs. Upperclassmen/LLM Broomball Night
    • 3-2-1 Mixer Celebrating Upperclassmen
    • Atlantic City Retreat
  • Public Service Initiatives:
    • Spring Pro-Bono Day
    • APABA-PA Community Outreach

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our events very soon. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about membership, events, or partnership.